Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WWE Champ CM Punk Chris Brown is Dead? [Video]

CM Punk was born (26 Oct, 1978). Punk is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. WWE Heavyweight Champion CM Punk is lashing back at Chris Brown ... says the singer is not only a liar but overall Internet users, "coward" who never really "pay" for what he did to Rihanna. Punk has released a video statement earlier ... in response to Brown's assertions that he is a steroid-offenders with inadequate penis size. In his video, begins with the words of punk, it is "a proud life long drug-free single straight line" ... and then passes the next few minutes BLASTING Brown. "Chris and I are different worlds. I have no assistant. I do not have a bodyguard.
I do not have a manager or a PR person told me to delete the tweets that Chris did, and I do not hit women. Period. "
He adds: "[Chris] has made ​​false accusations to the wrong person, because I can defend myself." Punk then asks Brown to a fight without taboo for a good cause ... and said, "I'll choke you.
I'll feel weak and helpless and scared and alone as much as any woman, knowing the calamity, a sad little boy who was a coward like you. "