Saturday, 3 March 2012

Taiwan Train Sex Party Scandal "Xiao Yu" 17 Years Old Images

What we know so far is the organizer of the sex party has been identified: an alleged Tsai-Yu Lin.
And the girl of 17 years is known as "Xiao Yu".
The latter is reported to express their remorse. What can I say? My sympathy goes to her.
With the exception of male organizers, the remaining participants (18 men) are not publicly identified.
Somehow, select the media that "do Hey, is there a girl there with 18 guys

- allegedly 'to mark. What I like best so far, it is useful to comment on Ms. Wang Ping, Director General of secretarty Gender / Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan.
Was the 27th February, was a man named Cai, is on trial after he took the police car to rent a car show train, hard to keep a sex party arrested, with police accusing him of provisional morality.